Friday, April 13, 2018

Happy 1st Birthday, Lucy

Dear Lucy,

Our sweet Lucy, I can't believe you're one. This year flew by faster than any other year in my entire life. You are the sweetest, most happy baby I've ever known. You are also the most laid back baby in the world. Your birth was unexpected, traumatic and dramatic, but you are the complete opposite of that day. You like routine, calmness and sleeping. Besides being tired, hungry or having your face wiped, nothing seems to bother you.

Your nick names are Mae-Mae, LuMae, Lulu, Lucy Goosey and Monkey Mae (among a few others). You were sleeping through the night by around 8 weeks old - due in part to the fact that you found your left thumb...and you have yet to let that thing go. You absolutely love your left thumb. You never liked pacifiers, but you are definitely a thumb sucker.

You've hit all your milestones right on track - holding your head up within the first month, rolling over around three months (you used to get so mad at night when you'd roll from belly to back, but couldn't roll back to your tummy). You were sitting up independently by about 6 months, crawling by 7 months and took your first steps on March 21, 2018, at 11 months old. Your first word was Dada, and now you can say Mama, Dada and babble on your hand. You started to wave hi and bye bye, we just adore this.

In your first year you've been to Disney many times, gone to a few other theme parks, spent some time in the pool (which you love), been to the beach, and been to day care. Unfortunately this year you also had to say goodbye to your first dog, Juno. It breaks my heart that you won't have memories of her, but she was a loving and patient dog, and you were always very curious about her. She was sweet and gentle with you, and we miss her dearly.

You and Harper started day care in February( just two days a week) - this was a tough decision for Dad and myself. You are doing well though and seem to enjoy yourself. It was one of the hardest thing I've ever done though - hand you over to a stranger and trust you in their care - but you are making friends and learning new things everyday.

You love Harper, and she loves you. When we brought you home, Harper loved to hold you and was so gentle with you. She is always picking you up and carrying you places (this is getting tough as your are almost 20 pounds and Harper weighs about 30 pounds). Now that you are walking and getting stronger, you and Harper play a little rougher with each other. She'll knock you down, you don't seem to care, you just roll over and get back up again. You both really enjoy baths together. One of your favorite things to do is stand up and then fall back down while making a splash - this scares mama a little but you just love it.

You broke mama's heart just a little by showing a disinterest in nursing just before a year old. I was well prepared to nurse you well beyond a year, but you seem to be too independent. However, I've got about 4-6 month supply of breast milk frozen stored up for you. You love eating, and some of your favorite foods are bananas, belvita biscuits, banana blueberry baby food pouches, oatmeal, and puffs.

You enjoy stroller rides outside, interacting with Harper, playing in your kitchen, being carried in the Ergo Baby carrier, adjusting the stereo controls, the TV remote, playing in water and your blanket. You hate being tired, being told no, having your face wiped and the nose freda. You are happy with most people, but are very hesitant with strangers. Santa, the Easter Bunny, Disney characters and strange looking men don't stand a chance with you - you cried with all of the above.

Lucy, you are a dream baby. If all babies were as happy and easy as you, I'd have 20 kids. You are the perfect addition to our family and I truly can't remember life without you in it. I am the luckiest mama in the world to have you and Harper as my daughters. I pray that you two always love each other as much as your do today, and that will always be close. It is a blessing to watch you grow up and learn new things everyday. Thank you for being you - we love more than you'll ever know.

Happy 1st Birthday sweet baby.

Love, Mom

Photos courtesy of Photo de Chavannes ❤️