Monday, July 24, 2017

Happy 3rd Birthday, Harper

Dear Harper,

Happy 3rd Birthday, my sweet girl. I will say this every year that passes, but I cannot believe you are three years old. Three years ago, you made me a mother and have only brought more joy and more happiness with each passing day. 

This past year brought lots of fun adventures as well as many changes. We all went to England for the first time this past September. You did such a great job on the long transatlantic flight. While in England, you're favorite thing to do was ride the underground (aka the choochoo train). We also flew out to Colorado for Thanksgiving and you saw snow for the first time. You loved it and enjoyed making mini snowmen. 

We enjoyed another fun year at Disney with our annual passes and your love for Disney Princess grew so much! You still love the old guys like Mickey and Minnie, but now you're all about meeting each princess and dressing up like them. You have becoming such a girly girl - nail polish, make up, pretty hair, glitter, dresses, you love it all! For your birthday this year we took you to Disney's Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and the experience was nothing short of magical. The look on your face when you saw your princess hair and makeup brought tears to my eyes. 

This year you've become potty trained (but you're still not so into pooping on the potty). No rush, baby girl. 

You got your first haircut this year. Just a small trim to even out your hair, as well as bangs now. You're a regular now with getting your bangs trimmed, and you usually love to sit in the train at the salon. 

You were Nemo this year for Halloween and really enjoyed trick or treating this year. You were old enough to understand the concept (somewhat) of running to each house and saying trick or treat! 

During the holidays, the first time you met Santa you were scared and cried. But being the lucky girl you are, you had multiple occasional of seeing Santa, and by the time Christmas rolled around, you were happy to see him and sit on his lap! 

Mama graduated from grad school in December! I started the journey while you were 3 weeks old - and while it wasn't easy going back to school with a new baby, you're the reason I never gave up! 

You got a new pet this year, a hamster named Minnie Mouse. You love to hold her and play with her, but sometimes you are (unintentionally) a little too rough with her. 

We spent many hot days at Aquatica this year and you are such a water baby. You're becoming a better swimmer too. By the end of the summer you went from not getting in without your float jumping in and swimming independently underwater! 

Lastly, but certainly not least, you became a BIG SISTER this year! You were three months shy of turning three when your sister Lucy was born. You have taken on this new role with such ease and have amazed us all. You love your baby sister so much - you love to hold her, kiss her and help us with bringing diapers and wipes. When she looks at you now, she becomes fixed on all you do and is always smiling as she watches you.  I can't lie, I was worried about how our relationship would be after your sister arrived - after all, up until now it's just been the two of us. But now, I've discovered a new love my heart never could have imagined was possible. My heart bursts with pride when I watch you as a big sister.

Harper Rose, you are growing incredibly too fast. You are so smart and learn new things every single day. Your intelligence blows me away. I like to think you're a bit of genius, and maybe I'm biased, but I have no doubt you are going to do big things and change this world for the better. You are sweet and caring. You love to care for your baby dolls and show true concern when someone else is hurt or sad. You are funny, and you love to make people laugh. You are strong willed, which sometimes drives this mama crazy, but I wouldn't change a thing. 

We love you more than words can describe. Thank you for being you. Looking forward to all the things this next year has in store for you. 

Love, Mom

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