Monday, February 6, 2017

28 weeks (baby #2) - THIRD TRIMESTER!!!

28 weeks - Baby is the size of an egg plant!

How far along: 28 weeks - Officially in my third trimester!
Swelling: No
Stretch marks: No
Sleep: Sleep is okay - it seems like the first trimester fatigue is back though, and I just can't sleep enough
Best moment of the week:  This weekend I got to see some old friends to celebrate the groom to be, Anthony. Massages, brunch and a drag show, among other things. So much fun to see everyone! Harper and I also got to enjoy a lot of time outdoor with the nice weather - some side walk chalk, bike rides, rides in her little car and a trip to Leu Gardens to check out some dinosaurs.
Worst moment of the week: It was good week besides fighting a headache one day this week.
Running/Workouts: Taking it week by week, but currently still running and working out. I have some days where the runs feel effortless and amazing, and other days where a quarter of a mile is pure torture.
Missing anything: Not feeling short of breath.
Movement: My favorite thing to do when I'm lying around is to watch my belly jump and push at baby girl hoping for a reaction. Feeling her move seriously never gets old.
Things that make me queasy/recent cravings: Fruit, yogurt and Chipotle! However, rang in the third trimester this afternoon by throwing up my entire lunch. No bueno.
Energy level:  Pretty low this week - most mornings, if we don't have plans or I'm not working, I get up early to work out and walk Juno, shower, eat breakfast with Harper and lay on the couch all morning. I feel like such a bum, but it's been hard lately finding the energy or motivation to do much.
Labor signs: No
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding ring on or off: On
Mood: Nervous
Looking forward to: The paint in baby girls room is all finished - looking forward to moving the crib in and getting a start on decorating it!
Something surprising about being pregnant with baby #2: Ya'll - in roughly 10-13 weeks this baby will be here (God willing). I don't know why, but this fact just hit me. 10 weeks ago was the beginning of December and that seems like just yesterday - so my point is, she will be here in the blink of an eye. I think when you start trying for a baby, you consume yourself with simply getting pregnant. The positive pregnancy test, the reassuring lab work to follow, and of course, seeing a precious beating little heart for the first time at the ultrasound. This time, even more than the last time, I kind of almost forgot that after achieving the goal of getting pregnant, we now have to bring a baby home! And we already have a two year old in our home. So that makes TWO little people we are going to be responsible for. I sometimes get heart palpitations just thinking about it! Even though those annoying discomforts of pregnancy are starting to kick in, I sometimes wish I could be pregnant longer than 9 months. All the rough parts aside, being pregnant is my most favorite thing in the world. Oh yeah, and I also have no idea how we're gonna figure out how to take care of a newborn and a toddler...

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