Monday, January 30, 2017

27 weeks (baby #2)

27 weeks - Baby is the size of a Rutabaga 
(Over two pounds and 15 inches long!)

How far along: 27 weeks!
Swelling: No
Stretch marks: No
Sleep: Sleep has been okay, woke up once super short of breath, but otherwise it's been good.
Best moment of the week:  My Mom and I ran the Pro Bowl 5K at Epcot in Orlando this weekend! It was about 48 degrees when we started running at 7am, but it was actually really nice. It was fun to do a run with my Mom (and baby girl). Also had a fun week with Harper - a trip to Disney, a picnic at Lake Eola where we fed the ducks and swans, and Harper turned officially two and half years old.
Worst moment of the week: My left foot is absolutely killing me - self diagnosed myself with plantar fasciitis, which can be brought on by running (yep) and even pregnancy changes (weight gain + relaxed ligaments), yep. Doubly whammy. Stretching, massaging and ice have brought some relief, but this sucks.
Running/Workouts: Besides the foot ache, running has been good this week, 5K race included.
Missing anything: No
Movement: Her movements are stronger every day, and so much fun to watch the dance party going on in there from the outside
Things that make me queasy/recent cravings: Watermelon was BOGO at Publix today, safe to say it didn't last long in our house. Love fresh fruit!
Energy level:  Energy level has been good - went on a super nesting spree this week and did a ton of cleaning/organizing/rearranging. Hubby also painted the nursery...just a few touch ups to finish up, then I can start decorating it and filling it with furniture! So exciting!
Labor signs: No
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding ring on or off: On
Mood: Appreciative
Looking forward to: This upcoming week of beautiful, Florida weather  - highs in the 70s, lows the 40s-50s with lots of sunshine all week long!
Something surprising about being pregnant with baby #2: I can't believe I am 91 days away from my due date - I found out I was pregnant in August, which seems like forever ago, yet now I feel like time has its foot on the gas with no slowing down in sight. I can't wait to meet this little girl, but I also want to enjoy and savor this pregnancy for as long as possible.

Monday, January 23, 2017

26 weeks (baby #2)

26 weeks - Baby is the size of scallion 

How far along: 26 weeks!
Swelling: No
Stretch marks: No
Sleep: Insomnia seems a little better lately - but the getting up to pee all night is getting old quick
Best moment of the week:  Took Harper to Aquatica this week (Winters in Florida are so brutal). Harper had such a fun time swimming and playing in the sand. I enjoyed laying around, getting some sun, and relaxing with my girl.
Worst moment of the week:  Did my Glucola challenge test this week - drank 50 grams of pure (orange) sugar, sat in a quest for an hour, and had my blood drawn to screen me for gestational diabetes. I don't do well not eating in the morning, so it's safe to say I had to fight like hell to keep that drink least until I got home, when it all came out like the exorcist. Such an awful experience - but, the silver lining is that I PASSED and I am not a gestational diabetic.
Running/Workouts: Running and workouts are good - but I've developed some serious plantar fasciitis in my left food. Talk about ouch!
Missing anything: No
Movement: Lot of kicks and punches - love and cherish each and every one!
Things that make me queasy/recent cravings: Still loving my eggs/avocado breakfast. Lately I've really enjoyed fresh berries and Greek yogurt!
Energy level:  Energy level is moderate - with a side of naps most afternoons
Labor signs: No
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding ring on or off: On
Mood: Radiant
Looking forward to: Counting to work on getting the nursery ready - as you can tell by the pictures this week, we tried out some paint. Unfortunately, it's not the color we were looking for. Hope to get a new color on there this week.
Something surprising about being pregnant with baby #2: I really, truly am enjoying this pregnancy so much. Even with the nausea, aches, pains, urine frequency,'s all just so worth it and so amazing. I sit back and look at my belly as it jumps, and can't help but feel super human to have been given this opportunity to bring a new life into the world.

Monday, January 16, 2017

25 weeks (baby #2)

25 weeks - baby is the size of an acorn squash

How far along: 25weeks!
Swelling: No
Stretch marks: No
Sleep: I have good days and bad days when it comes to sleep - but since I'm no longer studying, Harper's nap time has become mine and baby#2's nap time! I also have to get up at least once if not more to pee every night.
Best moment of the week:  Enjoyed a fun day at Magic Kingdom with Harper this week - it wasn't so hot out and the crowds weren't as bad as usual. We had a fun day seeing tons of princesses and characters. Enjoying and soaking up every moments I can while spoiling Harper as an only child.
Worst moment of the week:  My 24 week check up was a little disappointing as I've gained more weight than I would like (or expect with how I eat and workout every day). Other than that, this was good week.
Running/Workouts: The awful bladder pain/constant feeling like I have to pee even though I just peed feeling is in full force. I remember it so clearly with Harper, and it sucks just as much this time around.
Missing anything: No
Movement: Always the best part of my day is feeling her move - it's like a secret we share when she kicks and turns, that only I know is happening. I find myself smiling or giggling when she does it, and sometimes getting some weird looks.
Things that make me queasy/recent cravings: Obsessed with my breakfast lately - a cooked egg on a bagel thin with slices of avocado. Yummy!
Energy level:  Energy is pretty good until about 1pm...aka nap time. I am usually down for the count after that.
Labor signs: No - but my uterus sure doesn't like it when I have a full bladder, and lets me know by contracting up a storm until I empty it.
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding ring on or off: On
Mood: Happy
Looking forward to: Getting baby girls room ready - we bought paint this week, so hopefully I'll be able get started on that!
Something surprising about being pregnant with baby #2: This little baby isn't even here yet, but I am already so excited to watch Harper and her interact. Harper still really has no idea what's going to happen when she arrives, but every day she says the baby is in my belly, and asks to hold her. Most days she promises to share her toys and play with her. I know Harper is going to love being a be sister, not to mention, will be the best big sister ever.

Monday, January 9, 2017

24 weeks (baby #2)

24 weeks - officially reached viability, and baby is the size of an ear of corn

How far along: 24 weeks - Viability!!
Swelling: No
Stretch marks: No
Sleep: I've still had some insomnia on and off, but overall sleep has been okay.
Best moment of the week:  I did it - I took and PASSED my nurse midwifery certification exam! I'm an ARNP/CNM!! I've been studying nonstop for almost 10 days (on top of studying all last semester...and actually, for the last 2.5 years) and the stress I felt before the exam was unlike any stress I've ever felt before. Once I got my results and left the testing center, I saw PASS and could not stop crying. Two and a half years of stress, tears and time away from my family and friends has paid off!
Worst moment of the week:  It's been a wonderful week!
Running/Workouts: Workouts are good - running a little and spending some time on the elliptical for a break from running
Missing anything: No
Movement: Feeling her move everyday and loving every single kick, punch and turn.
Things that make me queasy/recent cravings: Maybe it was the stress of my exam, but I've had some intense nausea this week and threw up once. All I seem to want to eat is cereal, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or fruit popsicles.
Energy level:  Energy has been good
Labor signs: No
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding ring on or off: On
Mood: Cloud 9!
Looking forward to: Now that I'm done with school and done with my exam, I can finally focus on nesting, decorating baby girls room and getting ready for her arrival!
Something surprising about being pregnant with baby #2: Life is so unpredictable, full of ups and downs. I must say, this moment right here and now feels like it may just be one of the greatest times of my life. I have a healthy, smart, polite and fun loving 2 year old daughter who is the light of our lives - I have just passed my exam and I'm officially a nurse practitioner/nurse midwife (and done with school forever!) - I've been offered a wonderful job that I just can't wait to start - and I'm 24 weeks pregnant with our second daughter, feeling healthy and great this pregnancy. I am beyond blessed and so grateful for everything I have in this life. I am soaking up every single second of this life and forever thankful for each and everyday!

I PASSED  - Certified nurse midwife/ARNP!

The light of my life 

Monday, January 2, 2017

23 weeks (baby #2)

23 weeks - baby is the size of a grapefruit! 

How far along: 23 weeks!
Swelling: No
Stretch marks: No
Sleep: This has been the first week that I've started to feel somewhat uncomfortable when trying to get to sleep. I've got a small pillow under one of my hips if I'm lying on my back (which I rarely do), but I've been feeling slightly short of breath when lying down in any position. I've got a long way to go, so trying to pretend like it's not bad at all right now
Best moment of the week:  This week we celebrate the New Year. Unbelievable that 2017 is already here!! 2016 definitely had it's ups and downs. Losing Zeus was a major low for us - finding out I was pregnant and graduating from grad school were the ultimate highs, with so many things to be grateful for along the way.
Worst moment of the week:  I've started to get some sciatica pain on the left side of my booty. Totally manageable, just annoying.
Running/Workouts: Workouts have been okay - final total miles in 2016 - 1,247 (397 miles pregnant). Starting to cut back on the miles now, but still getting them in!
Missing anything: No
Movement: Her movement is so strong. It's usually strongest at night when I lie down (of course), but now I can see my belly jump when she kicks and it's just so amazing!
Things that make me queasy/recent cravings: I've had a little more nausea lately, nothing too strong, but enough to be annoying. As for cravings, with Harper I couldn't look at an avocado or Mexican - this time around, all I want is Chipotle every single day!
Energy level:  Energy has been pretty good this week (aside from a couple of naps)
Labor signs: No
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding ring on or off: On
Mood: Optimistic 
Looking forward to: Big things are coming this month and I just can't wait!!
Something surprising about being pregnant with baby #2: Harper seems to understand a little more about a baby sister on the way.  She will point to my belly and say the baby is in there, and asks to take the baby home. She is very motherly towards her dolls as well and loves to feed them and take them for walks in their strollers. We visited my best friend and her 3 month old last week and Harper was all about wanting to hold and touch the baby. I know no matter what it's going to be a huge adjustment for Harper when baby #2 gets here (and we actually take the baby home and she stays here for good), but I have a feeling she's going to be a wonderful and helpful big sister.