Monday, December 5, 2016

19 weeks (baby #2)

19 weeks - baby is the size of a tomato

How far along: 19 weeks!
Maternity clothes: Yep
Stretch marks: No
Sleep: Sleep is good, starting to have some weird dreams
Best moment of the week:  This week was pretty laid back - lots of studying for my nurse midwifery boards and hanging out with Harper. Very thankful that her cough is pretty much gone and she is feeling good!
Worst moment of the week:  This was a good week.
Running/Workouts: Running has felt pretty good this week. Been able to do 5 miles most day outside. Very slow, but feels good to still be running.
Missing anything: No
Movement: Yes! This was definitely the best thing this week. Flutters are getting stronger. I laid bed after I woke up Saturday morning and poked at my belly, and for the first time baby girl kicked back. My absolute favorite thing about being pregnant is feeling these little babies moving inside.
Things that make me queasy/recent cravings: The other morning I woke up and had an epiphany...I don't wake up nauseous any more! Occasionally throughout the day I don't feel great, or I might feel queasy if I go a long time without eating, but overall I feel great! Hallelujah!!
Energy level:  Energy is so-so
Labor signs: No
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding ring on or off: On
Mood: Blessed
Looking forward to: Two more RN shifts and one more student nurse midwife shift before graduation!
Something surprising about being pregnant with baby #2: I am so amazed at feeling this baby move inside of me. It was my favorite thing when I was pregnant with Harper, and it's just as amazing this time around.  I would be pregnant forever just to feel a little baby moving everyday. It is truly the most wonderful feeling in the entire world!

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