Monday, November 28, 2016

18 weeks (baby #2)

18 weeks - baby is the size of a bell pepper 
(Meanwhile, mama feels like she looks about 30 weeks pregnant)

How far along: 18 weeks!
Maternity clothes: Yes, just bought some maternity dresses for upcoming weddings and events
Stretch marks: No
Sleep: Sleep is good
Best moment of the week:  We all had a fun time in Colorado this past week to celebrate Thanksgiving. It was nice to see family, and on our first day Harper got to see snow for the first time! Our week was full of fun Christmas activities, shopping, and some relaxing in between.
Worst moment of the week:  I had practically zero headaches in nausea came back with a vengeance. I'm talking pull of the road, throw up on the side of a mountain vengeance. There was a lot of driving around and through the mountains, so I think my carsickness was just heightened and just too much for me to handle. I eventually caved in and took a Zofran, which was such a life savor.
Our flight back was little tough also, as Harper had a pretty bad cough the entire flight. I held her and she slept for a good portion of the 4 hour flight, but when she was awake she was crying and coughing at least every 30 seconds. I know what everyone was thinking - what awful parents bringing that ill child on a flight. I felt the glaring looks the entire flight. One women even told Phil "I hope  I don't catch what she has". After we landed, while we were waiting for our bags in the airport a stranger approached me and said "You deserve the mother of the year award.  I sat behind you, and you did such an amazing job with your daughter. I hope she feels better." She reminded me there are still good people in this world.
Running/Workouts: Let me tell you, I used to be able to run a 1 hour 43 minute half marathon (13.1 miles) when I lived in Denver. This visit - I couldn't even walk up the stairs without feeling lightheaded and short of breath. We stayed just outside of Denver with Phil's parents in Parker, CO - an elevation of 5,869 feet above sea level. This Florida girl was having a hard time breathing at rest, so there was no running or working out. I knew if I felt short of breath, then baby girl wouldn't be getting much oxygen either. It was hard not to workout, but I got a 5 mile run in the day after we flew home.
Missing anything: No
Movement: I'm pretty sure I'm finally feeling little flutters here and there!
Things that make me queasy/recent cravings: Like I mentioned before, my nauseousness was pretty high this week. However, true to Thanksgiving fashion, I was enjoying some classic carbs - stuffing, mashed potatoes and lots of veggies!
Energy level:  Energy was super low in Colorado, secondary to the high altitude/low oxygen
Labor signs: No
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding ring on or off: On
Mood: Excited
Looking forward to: I'll probably repeat this for the next few weeks, but I am so excited to be GRADUATING with my doctorate in nursing practice in a little over two weeks!!!
Something surprising about being pregnant with baby #2: I know I keep mentioning this, but I was very surprised how poorly I adapted to the elevation this past week in Denver. We lived there for three years and I was extremely active, so I wasn't at all prepared for how crappy I felt in terms of energy and oxygenation. Being pregnant in high elevation is no joke - major props to all the mamas living a mile high, you all are rock stars!

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