Monday, October 17, 2016

12 weeks (baby #2)

How far along: 12 Weeks!
Maternity clothes: Been rocking my maternity cargo pants
Stretch marks: No
Sleep: Insomnia sucks.
Best moment of the week: We had a fun weekend in Tallahassee celebrating FSU's homecoming. I also won an award from the College of Nursing as a Distinguished Graduate. Pretty surreal that I was chosen, such an amazing experience. Unfortunately Harper doesn't really understand the concept of being quiet during an awards dinner, so Phil had to take her out before I accepted my award and gave a speech. I was so sad they missed it, but grateful someone at my table recorded it so they could watch it later.
Worst moment of the week: On our drive back to Orlando from Tallahassee, my nausea got pretty bad - add that to some carsickness and wouldn't you know it, I threw up all over myself in the car. Not fun.
Running/Workouts: Running has felt great, but wasn't able to workout while out of town this trip. We were busy enough though to feel like I got a workout in each day though!
Missing anything: No
Movement: No
Things that make me queasy: It gets really bad when I let myself get too hungry. Unfortunately, snacking all the time isn't doing my weight a favor, but at this point I choose to feel better than to feel sick.
Energy level: This weekend really took it out of me, I am exhausted and it's only Monday.
Labor signs: No
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding ring on or off: On
Mood: Excited
Looking forward to: FINALLY announcing our pregnancy later this week!!!!! And our ultrasound on Tuesday!
Something surprising about being pregnant with baby #2: I am only 12 weeks along, but I am so terrified about being a mama to two little babies. I feel like most days, I barely get by with keeping Harper alive...and in about 6 months we're gonna be responsible for two human beings. The thought alone is terrifying!

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