Monday, September 5, 2016

6 weeks (baby #2)

How far along: 6 Weeks!
Maternity clothes: No
Stretch marks: No
Sleep: The fatigue is unbelievable this time around. We flew to London last Wednesday and the 5 hour time change isn't helping.
Best moment of the week: Traveling to London with family. Harper did so well on the long flight over and has just been amazing!
Worst moment of the week: Morning sickness started on Saturday. It isn't terrible, but it's there all day, just an unsettling feeling. Food aversions are also back, nothing sounds good. While I'm loving being in England, its a hard time to travel with the fatigue and morning sickness.
Running/Workouts: Running has been difficult while on vacation with the tiredness and not feeling well - but I made it to the hotel gym everyday. Working out definitely makes the morning sickness a little better.
Missing anything: Not feeling sick...and missing out on some good beers here in London.
Movement: No
Things that make me queasy: Gosh, a lot - gum, soda, hotel breakfast bar...
Energy level: Nonexistent
Labor signs: No
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding ring on or off: On
Mood: Tired
Looking forward to: Having fun these last days in London, and getting home to see Juno on Wednesday!
Something surprising about being pregnant with baby #2: I still can't believe how sensitive a pregnant woman's sense of smell is. I used to think women were exaggerating, but I can smell everything around me, and most things make me sick to my stomach. I feel like a bloodhound.

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