Sunday, July 24, 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday, Harper

Dear Harper,

Happy 2nd Birthday! I am in disbelief that you are two! These past two years/104 weeks/731 days have flown by faster than I ever thought possible. 2016 was a leap year, so we were blessed with an extra day of you being one this year! You have grown and changed so much since your first birthday. You are now 26 pounds and just under 34 inches tall.

You are such a goofball. You have this unbelievably amazing fake laugh – picture the kind of laugh you would make deep down in your throat after someone tells a bad joke. It’s one of my most favorite things ever!  The face you make, the veins pop out of your neck, and sometimes it turns into a genuine laugh. You also make me laugh every single day. When I kiss and blow raspberries on your neck you crack up and when I stop, you say “more!”,  You think it’s so funny when I hop or jump up and down.

You recently learned to jump with both feet off the ground. You can also stand on one foot and balance yourself quite well.

You love your dolls, Mickey and Minnie, Nemo and Dory, Disney Princess, swimming, going to Disney and Aquatica, coloring and simply learning new things.

You talk a lot now too. You have great manners, and are always saying please and thank you, which usually sounds something like, “Dank you, mamas”.  Some more of your favorite phrases include. “I want that one” when pointing to whatever it is you want, “I want a princess”, when you want to watch a Disney movie, “No”, and you just repeat everything.  You ask for things specifically, things as simple as water, more snacks, go play, milk, princess, etc., and the fact that you can communicate with language now still blows my mind. You say good morning when we get from your bed in the morning, and “goodnight mama, goodnight dada” every night. You say mama and dada all day long and it causes flutters in my heart every single time I hear you say my name.

You are strong-willed, and know exactly what it is you want. You are so proud of yourself when you figure something out or try something for the first time. You say, "I did it! Good job". You tell me “good job, mamas” when I pee-pee on the potty.  You came up to me the other night, saw that I had a gummy worm in my hand, said “I want”, and immediately took it and said “I take”. While I wish you had said please, I was actually very impressed with your authority. Never let anyone say you can’t go after what it is you want in life.

You say hi to everyone, but lately, you tend to get very shy around strangers or large crowds. However, you open up pretty quickly, and love to say bye-bye to everyone. Overall, you are very friendly and social, and enjoy playing with kids of all ages.

You cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough.

You love to get your toes and fingernails painted; you call it “pretty toes”.  You still haven’t mastered the whole sit still and let them dry, but you love your pretty toes.

After your bath at night, the three of us run around, dance and giggle. Dad and I sit across from each other on the floor and you run back and forth as fast as you can and give a big hug! If our legs are crossed, you stop, uncross them and then proceed with your hug.

You love to sing and dance, and actually know the words to a bunch of different songs, including Hello by Adele, Let it go by James Bay, and a bunch of Disney songs. You also started repeating the words in a movie, most notably Beauty and the Beast.

You love playing with shoes, and you actually walk really well in my high heels. You also have dress up shoes of your own and love to walk around them. You call most shoes “pretty shoes”.

You can identify many different animals, and the sounds they make – BUT you insist a horse says “moooooooo”. We think you say that just to mess with us.

Harper, I could just go on and on about all the wonderful things you do. I want so badly to remember all the little things as you grow up. I want to remember how the word “Dat?” slowly turned into “ Was dat?”, and then into “Mommy, what’s that?”.  I want to remember how it feels to rock you at night and giggle with you in the dark as we laugh at silly things together. I want to remember how your hair smells after a bath. I want to remember how amazing your hugs feel when you wrap your arms around my neck and squeeze as tight as you can. I try and write things down often so I don’t forget.  

You have such an excitement for life and can find joy in the little things. As you grow up, I hope you never lose that.  You are our greatest adventure and bring more joy to our lives than you’ll ever realize. We love so much, Harps! Happy Birthday!

Love, Mom

Photos © Photo de Chavannes

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