Thursday, October 16, 2014

12 weeks old!

(12 weeks gestation vs 12 weeks old)

I don't think it's possible for time to be going by any faster.  I can't handle the fact that my teeny tiny little newborn baby is 12 weeks old today! It honestly feels like yesterday we had our 12 week ultrasound and announced our pregnancy to all our friends and family. Now I'm holding a 12 week old baby in my arms. Simply incredible.

Harper changes every single day. Sometimes I think she looks different after she wakes up from a nap. It's the most exciting, rewarding, terrifying, and life changing thing I've ever experienced. 

I am torn by looking forward to all the new things she can do, yet trying to so hard to hold onto every single moment of her being a little baby. 

Here's the updated on little Miss. Harper:

Harper LOVES water - she has graduated to the big tub and loves to kick and splash and even kick off the sides. She also went swimming for the first time last week and love it.

(She looks terrified, but I assure you, she loves it!)

She also enjoys walks, or pretty much just being outside. I've been using the Baby B'jorn lately and it's almost guaranteed I come home with a sleeping baby in that thing.

She smiles so much now! 99% of the time I can get a smile out of her simply by sticking my tongue out or smiling at her.

Harper is sleeping through the night (most nights)! She hit a 12 hour stretch early this week for the first time! We still fight with the evening fussy time though which is tough. Usually she is fighting sleep, hungry, but too tired to eat and the result is one unhappy baby. The usual night time routine consists of bath time, PJs, then bedtime stories while I rock her and nurse her. Sometimes she falls asleep in my arms, which is the truly the most amazing feeling in the world. But other nights, she would rather just be put in her bassinet and put herself to sleep.

Harper is not a fan of car rides or the car seat in general. I thought all babies loved car rides and that was the thing to do to get them to fall asleep. Not this girl! She doesn't mind it too much when she's being pushed in the stroller though.

Harper is not a fan of pacifiers. I assumed all babies loved them - again, not this girl. She has found her thumb and is a big thumb sucker. It's too cute to worry about that habit right now.

Harper isn't teething yet, but has discovered Sophie the giraffe and loves her already.

Harper hasn't missed an FSU football game yet! 

She's definitely more interested in Juno and Zeus and keeps a close eye on them when they're around.

As for momma - we are finally learning somewhat of a routine, which is great for everyone. I miss schedules and routines so much, but I have learned to accept that I am no longer in charge of things around here. I get up early to workout before Phil leaves for work at 7:30am. I do some sort of school work everyday. When she's up I take breaks - and she decides how long those breaks are. I get creative and sometimes have her in the baby carrier asleep while I get school work or house work done (actually typing this as she sleeps in the baby b'jorn!). I will be returning to work in about 4-8 weeks which is both terrifying and exciting (I sure do miss my work sisters)! Thankful to be able to have an extension on my leave of absence. 

Over the past 12 weeks, Harper has taught me not to sweat the small things as much anymore. The dishes can sit in the sink, the rug doesn't need to be vacuumed everyday. Harper will be a day older tomorrow and I'll never get this day back. I am so thankful to her for showing me what really matters!

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