Sunday, August 24, 2014

One Month Old

To my sweet daughter,

Harper Rose, I don't believe you are one month old already!! No longer a newborn. I feel like it was seriously just yesterday you were the size of a poppy seed.....and now you are closing in on 9 pounds! You are the light of my life and I only love you more with each passing day! I love getting to know you and your little (yet feisty and sometimes dramatic) personality. I love taking care of you and watching you learn your environment. Everything you see is new and exciting. It's amazing to watch you grow a little bit every day.

Currently these are the things you're into:
- Eating - you are such a good nurser!
- Being rocked and held - I still can't help myself and will do this at every opportunity
- Going for walks and runs in the stroller
- Being swung around in the car seat - you have Dad to thank for figuring this one out
- You pacifier, or as we call it, the "Hushie" - you're learning more and more how to actually use it and keep it in your mouth
- Laying on your belly across my lap - Thank your grandma/Bulba for doing this

And as for what you don't like:
- You still really hate when I put baby lotion on you after your baths every night
- You are impatient when you are hungry - but seriously, who isn't?
- Sleeping at night - I haven't quite figured out if it's because you're actually a night owl like you were in my tummy, or if it's due to being more gassy at night. The gas is horrible, you become absolutely miserable. It's not after every feed and it's not even everyday. But when you do have it, no one is happy and we feel absolutely helpless.

Overall, you are still such a happy, friendly baby. We still haven't figured out what color your hair is, some days it looks blonde, others it looks light brown. In pictures it looks red. You still have blue eyes. You have very long legs and you are so strong. You have started to make real tears (and have the pouty lip down pat), which breaks my heart and Dads heart when we see those. I had to leave you for the very first time this past week for graduate school orientation in Gainesville and I was the one making real tears. That was the hardest thing I've had to do since you've arrived. You were only 29 days old and I was having to leave you. So thankful to my Mom for taking the day off to come watch you. I was sent videos, pictures and updates all day long. You take breast milk from a bottle without any issues which was a big relief and I've been able to pump and build quite a supply for you. You had a great day with Bulba. As hard as it was to leave you, it was equally as sweet to come home to you waiting for me.

With classes officially starting tomorrow, I am both excited and terrified to start. The program is a Doctor of Nursing practice (DNP) with a speciality in Nurse Midwifery. The masters portion is two years, or five semesters long (if choosing to opt out there). For the DNP it is a total of three years. It's a distance learning program, meaning all online aside from clinicals and lab time. Unfortunately, this semester I am required to drive roughly 111 miles (about an hour and 45 minutes) to the University of Florida for lab six times. So this Wednesday, I am forced to leave you again. Luckily, you have so many grandparents who love you so very much and jump at every opportunity to watch you! Nan and granddad will be watching you this time. I know you'll do fine and have's me that has a hard time with it.

In addition to having to travel, I haven't quite figured out how I'll be attacking 14 credit hours and taking care of you all day by myself while Dad's at work. We're just gonna have to work together as a team and get through it. And before you know it, school will be done! I promise to give you all the love and attention you need everyday no matter what.

To all my friends and family, THANK YOU for all your love and support thus far! I'm gonna need a lot of it for the next three years! And anyone who wants to come over and play with Harper while I study and work, gimme a call!!

To Harper - I really would appreciate it if you could stop growing so fast! I love you so much and can't wait to see what you do and learn during this next month!

Love always,

2 days old

One month old

5 days old

One month old

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