Thursday, August 14, 2014

Nursery: PART TWO - and Three weeks old!

Happy three weeks old birthday Harper - and Happy 27th Birthday, Daddy!

(More newborn photo shoot pictures to come soon....)

I will say this every week, month, year, etc for the rest of my life - but WHOA, the last three weeks have flown by! Little Harper has changed so much. She is more and more alert each day. Her eyes open wide now. She seems to be looking around and investigating her environment more. She makes such funny noises, especially when she's really hungry and nursing. She makes funny faces. She's already got such personality and spunk.

Currently, some of her favorite things include:
- Nursing
- Being held
- Farting, pooping
- Learning to enjoy pacifiers
- Going for a run with Mommy in the stroller
- Tub baths

And some of her least favorite things:
- Sleeping at night
- Not being held
- Getting her diaper changed
- Having to wait any amount of time to be fed
- Having baby lotion put on her

As for me, I'm pretty tired, yet I'm functioning better than I thought I'd be (most days). I feel as though I don't sleep anymore, but rather take naps throughout the night. Some nights are good, others are pretty rough. I now enjoy coffee, which is funny because I never drank coffee before. I've slowly started to workout again. Taking it very easy and not pushing myself too hard. My runs are short, 2-3 miles outside. My pace is slow. However, it is my belief that pushing a newborn in the Bob stroller with the car seat in the Florida heat doubles the milage and pace you really ran. The Bob is lightweight and steers beautifully, but no doubt about it, pushing that thing adds to the workout. 

I am pretty proud that I can say I ran from day one of my pregnancy (literally went for a run right after I took my first pregnancy test) until the day before I delivered. That last run and workout at the gym was pretty uncomfortable and I was having pain but had no idea I was in early labor. I added up my milage from the second half of my pregnancy and I ran 261 miles! Add that to the miles I ran for the first 20 weeks (230 miles) and I ran a total of 491 miles during my pregnancy.  Damn - 9 miles shy of 500! I guess I can say I probably ran 9 miles from the time of conception to when I found out I was pregnant, right?!

Change of subject - Harper's nursery!

I have not been able to post Part Two of Harper's nursery because we didn't get all the furniture until this past Tuesday. I will say this, if you want to order something from Pottery Barn Kids, you should start shopping the day you find out you're pregnant. I do like their stuff but their ordering process and wait time is horrible. Nonetheless, I absolutely LOVE how her nursery came out!

Not quite sure when Harper will actually be in her nursery throughout the night, but it's ready for her whenever that may be!

Lastly, I wanted to share a song that has meant so much to me throughout my pregnancy and even more now that Harper is here. Up until we struggled with infertility, I always thought the Celine Dion song "A new day has come" was about finally meeting the man of your dreams (and for some, it may represent that). After listening to it a little more closely (and Googling it to confirm what I thought), I realized the song is actually about her own struggle with infertility and represents the birth of her first son. The lyrics in this song speak directly to me and puts into words all the emotions I've been through. 


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