Monday, April 14, 2014

Nursery: PART ONE

I literally have to pinch myself almost daily these days. Just being pregnant is still so surreal. Now we're actually buying baby things, registering at places like BabiesRUs and Buy Buy Baby. And the most exciting part of it all....Decorating the nursery! I've never been big on interior design. I mean, I like things in our home to look nice, I don't like clutter. But that's about it. As for the nursery, well I've been planning that since childhood! And now it's actually happening.

First off, we all the know the baby won't actually be in the nursery for at least a couple months. We can't thank our friends Jen and Xavi (and Jen's grandma) enough for making this custom FSU bassinet for our bedroom! Seriously, how amazing is this!!

Phil and I have three guest bedrooms in our home, and we always knew which room we'd use if we had a girl. The "Princess Room".  It's rounded, has a very high ceiling (as in 13+ feet high) and just screams little girls room. So once we found out this baby would be a girl, we got to work.

We started out by painting all the walls pink. The beautifully awkwardness of the rounded room and huge windows made it challenging to have an accent wall or design. We don't really have a theme, just mixing pink and grey, therefore stuck with pink as the wall color. I must give a HUGE shoot out to Phil...he taped up the entire room, and painted all the top detailed portions!!

As I said the room has a very high ceiling. As well as this perfect little round center for something special. Phil and I both liked the idea of clouds on the ceiling. My naive mind thought I could certainly get up on the 6 foot scaffolding and paint clouds on the ceiling 5.5 months pregnant. WRONG. Not only would Phil not let me, but I could not reach the ceiling on the 6 foot scaffolding, but I'd have to stand on a step ladder just to reach, and at 5'6" I'm not short by any means. Therefore we hired an amazing muralist to come and paint the ceiling. We couldn't be happier with the results. We added the gorgeous chandelier from Restoration Hardware Baby and were completely blown away with the final results!

Clouds in progress

(Phil pretending to be the muralist....
aka adding touch ups!)

Finished product! 

Once the painting was done it was time for the real fun stuff...Furnishing the room! Thanks to my amazing in-laws we are on our way to putting together a dream nursery of mine! The crib and bedding is from Pottery Barn Kids. We also have a dollhouse bookshelf and changing table also from Pottery Barn Kids on back order until about June! Glad we ordered it all when we did! Thanks to my Mom, we lucked out and she snagged the glider from Buy Buy Baby this weekend for almost half off for us. Down from about $600 to $300 then a 20% off coupon! The rug is from non other than Target!

Overall the room is coming together nicely. I still want to add some accents to the walls, drapes, and of course get the changing table/dresser and bookshelf in. I'll post updates once more finishing touches have been placed!

The more we get things together for the nursery, the most I begin to think of the reality of the situation. We are indeed putting this room together for an actual person, who in about 3 months will move in and be living in this room! Again, I just have to pinch myself.

PaintCrib. Changing table. Bookshelf. Rug. Chandelier. Stuffed elephant. Stuffed lamb. Stuffed bunny. Stuffed lion. Glider (not available on the their website), but it's called Little Castle Serenity Glider in Manhattan Wheat.


  1. That looks awesome! I love all the details and the ceiling too!

  2. It looks so pretty, Amber! So excited for you...I remember how fun it was getting the nursery done before the first baby and there's just nothing like it. :-)