Friday, March 14, 2014

20 Weeks - HALFWAY There!

How far along: 20 weeks - Halfway point!
Maternity clothes: Still mixing it up with regular and maternity clothes. One of my staple maternity pieces include cargo pants! Super comfy!
Stretch marks: No
Sleep: Not much change, still tend to wake up early in the morning and have a hard time falling back asleep...until about 30 minutes until I need to get up, then ironically I usually drift into a perfect sleep
Best moment of the week:  Crib and bedding shopping at Pottery Barn Baby with the in-laws and our 20 week anatomy scan! I love see this little girl during ultrasounds. She measured at 11 ounces, STILL a girl, and everything else was perfect! Feeling extra blessed this week!
Worst moment of the week: Work this week has been beyond exhausting! And I've been dealing with a crapy schedule which doesn't help.
Running/Workouts: Proud and happy to say I have officially run throughout my entire first half of my pregnancy. Since the day I found out I was pregnant (I was 3.6 weeks pregnant) I have run 230 miles! And that does not include time on the bike, elliptical, walking or spinning class! Curious to see what the second half of the pregnant holds as far as my workouts and endurance!
Missing anything: Caffeine - I can't lie, I miss that artificial energy sometimes
Movement: I think I just might have felt the first few flutters, but nothing quite strong enough yet to convince me it's her.
Cravings: Dannon Light & Fit Strawberry Greek Yogurt and fresh strawberries!
Morning sickness: Just about nonexistent.
Energy level: Energy comes and goes, the time change really threw me off this week
Labor signs: No
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding ring on or off: On
Mood: Happy
Looking forward to: Feeling some kicks and movement!
Something surprising about being pregnant: How much the pregnant woman's body changes! Holy cow! I mean you name it and it doesn't look the same anymore. As much as I am one to be self-critical and upset with the weight gain, I had an epiphany this week. When I was "skinny" and in the best shape of my life, I still hated my body - I hated that I couldn't do the ONE thing a woman's body is built to do, make and carry a baby. It wasn't fair. And now, here I am....four and a half months pregnant carrying a precious baby girl. A baby girl that I've dreamt of having since I myself was a little girl. I am learning to not really care how much weight I gain or what I look like on the outside. Because on the inside, a true miracle of God is happening. How can I be anything but in love with my body? Besides, the more weight I gain....the bigger the come back after I deliver! : )

Pictures from Baby Girl's 20 week anatomy scan <3

It's a GIRL!
She's definitely not shy

Her mouth was open almost the entire time! 
Even caught her trying to suck her thumb!! 

Big feet like her Mama!

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