Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What's happened since surgery?!

So much has happened since I had Laparoscopic Ovarian Drilling done back on August 27th, 2013.

The original plan was to wait about a month, see what happens. If nothing, do a withdrawal bleed (start a period with drugs) then try Femara (Letrozole). However, about a month after surgery, after talking to my doctor and Phil we decided that maybe a month wasn't long enough to see what my body might do after surgery. Even though I was dying to get things going and start trying again, I agreed to skip the withdrawal bleed and wait a little longer (up to 3 months) to see if I get my own period.

Fast-forward only five days and BOOM - I GOT MY OWN PERIOD! No drugs, no help...just me getting a period! I was in shock! The next question was do we go a natural cycle or do we still start Letrozole? I decided I wanted to try Letrozole. So first cycle since surgery started on August 25th. Similar to the devil's drug Clomid, I took 2.5mg Letrozole cycle days 3-7. Throughout the month I got positive OPKs! CD21 progesterone (to see if I truly did or did not ovulate) was 9.72, the highest it's ever been but not what I wanted. Then the day before mine and Phil's one year wedding anniversary I got my period. So disappointed. Down, but not out...

October 25th was now CD1 of the new cycle. Again, I took Letrozole CD 3-5. I got positive OKPs. The difference this cycle was my blood work was actually starting to reflect a successful cycle. My estradiol was drawn on CD12 and was 53, pretty low....however we recheck it on CD15 and it was 221.1! I WAS ABOUT TO OVULATE ANY MINUTE! The next day I got a solid smiley on my Advanced digital OPK, which meant LH surge which means OVULATION! On CD 23, a week after I should have ovulate my progesterone was 11.2. The first time it's ever been >10! On a medicated cycle I was really hoping for >15. Two days later, we rechecked my progesterone......it was 16.16!!
This was proving to be a very successful and optimistic cycle!

(Three different OPKs - ALL positive)

Three days later on November 21 (CD28), I took a pregnancy test, a few days earlier than I should have. Phil was also out of town on a business trip and wouldn't be home until later that night.
I didn't look at it while it was processing.....I continued with my morning routine, brushing my teeth, washing my face and getting ready for the gym. In my head I knew it was still early to test, but with how well this cycle went I was so optimistic it would be positive.....it just had to be!

I finally went and picked it up and saw this:


I immediately took another one! It too was positive! HOLY SHIT! Is this real? Am I dreaming? Did I do the test right? Is this a joke?


I attempted to set up a hidden camera when Phil got home to capture his response when I showed him the positive pregnancy tests. However, he noticed the glowing camera screen in the window immediately and asked what it was. I was so pissed, but we had a good laugh and I gave him the box that had two positive tests in it. We were both shocked, excited, surprised, terrified, and completely in love with this little baby to be!

Working as a labor and delivery nurse, and struggling with fertility, I know too much and I know how fragile this time of a pregnancy can be. I am scared to death this isn't real, or something could happen. I also know it is out of my hands at this point, and all I can do is pray, remain healthy, take care of myself, and hope for the best. We are waiting to tell our families on Christmas Day. This is the only time before 12 weeks that both our families will be able to get together. I will not even be 9 weeks along, so it is waaaaaay earlier than I wanted to tell people. However, we can't wait to share the news. We are waiting until 12 weeks to tell the rest of the world as well!

Today is the day! 12 WEEKS! We are so happy to finally share this amazing news! I am so sorry to those who have been asking me lately what's up with our trying to conceive journey. Phil and I had made a decision to keep this between us until 12 weeks, so I had to lie when asked. Please forgive me, and know that this was the HARDEST SECRET EVER to keep! We love each and everyone of you so much! 


  1. So happy and delighted to share this journey with you - love you 3 very much!

  2. I had a feeling you were expecting based on the lack of posting. CONGRATS!! Super happy for you guys :)

    1. It was hard to keep quiet! Thanks so much!!

  3. I followed your blog.......and rooted for you the whole way......Congrats......you deserve it more then anyone!!!!!

    1. Thanks Gabriella! Means so much :)