Saturday, January 25, 2014


How far along: 13 weeks - Finally in the SECOND TRIMESTER!
Maternity clothes: Bought my first pair of maternity jeans from The Gap. Went out to the store wearing them and had a hard time keeping them up, not sure if this is normal or if they're still a bit too big for me. Either way, they're super comfy!
Stretch marks: No
Sleep: Sleep is still pretty good...having a few weird and vivid dreams
Best moment of the week:  Finally sharing the good news! I have been completely overwhelmed by the well wishes, hugs and sweet words from friends and strangers! We are truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.
Worst moment of the week: Getting sick after eating at Outback (not food poising, just an unsettled tummy which turned to seeing my entire dinner again in the toilet)...officially crossing that one off my list of places to go for a while.
Running/Working out: Happy to say I have run and worked out 4 days a week (the other three I work 12 hour shifts) during my entire first trimester! It definitely wasn't easy, but always felt better once it was done!
Missing anything: My energy. People tell me it will come back soon and I really hope it's true.
Movement: Haven't felt anything but another sneak peak ultrasound showed how active this little guy or gal is! Always all over the place and putting on a show for the camera!
Cravings: Orange juice and publix subs, same things
Things making me queasy or sick: Same things and of course Outback now. The nauseated feeling has seem to lessen, really hoping I'm towards the end of this miserable morning all day sickness
Gender: No, but some people are certain they know. . . . .
Labor signs: No
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding ring on or off: On
Mood: Happy, blessed
Looking forward to: NO MORE PROGESTERONE! I have been taking progesterone suppositories (yup as fun as they sound) since I found out I was pregnant and had to take them up until 13 weeks! YAY!

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