Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Run for Nicole

A few short months ago a coworker of mine was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. She is a mother, wife, nurse, and friend among many others. She is in the process of kicking cancers ass with chemo, radiation and eventually surgery. 

Recently another coworker of mine started an online virtual run to raise money for Nicole and her family! After registering, all you're required to do is get moving! Run (or walk) a mile or 100 miles! Do it in a day or over the course of the month! I absolutely LOVED this idea and was excited to participate! 

I've been running now for seven years. I've run 5ks, 10ks, and countless half marathons. 2013 was the year I was planning on running my first marathon (26.2 miles)! I have applied to the NYC Marathon through the lotto since 2010. Because they can only offer certain amount of spots to run, and the applicant pool is larger than what they can offer, a lotto is done and only those who are chosen get to run. However, there was a rule that if you applied but did not get in three consecutive years in a row, your fourth year you would get GUARANTEED ENTRY into the marathon! 

2010 - Not selected
2011 - Not selected
2012 - Not selected

2013 was the year! I have no doubt that I can run a marathon. I could have easily run other marathons by now, but I wanted NYC to be my first! After all, my first half marathon was the NYC half marathon back in 2010 (and PR in 2011...13.1 miles in 1:42:29).

However, as you all know, since February of this year Phil and I have been doing everything possible to get pregnant and start a family. One of the sacrifices I've made is cut back on my workouts and long runs. I've not run more than 3-4 miles a day (with the one or two occasional 6 and 8 mile runs....I just couldn't help myself) since April/May. So training for a marathon this year was out of the picture. Plus, back in February I was certain I'd be pregnant by November and unable to run the marathon. Therefore, I had to pass on my guaranteed entry.

When this virtual run for Nicole came about, I knew I wanted to run a marathon for her! Sure, it wouldn't be in NYC, and the miles wouldn't be logged in one run. But I was still going to run 26.2 miles for Nicole. 

Over the course of 5 days I dedicated my runs to Nicole. If you have never run with a purpose in mind other than getting a good workout and burning calories, I INSIST you go out and do just that! During these five runs, some were tougher than others. One in particular was horrible and I wanted to cut it short. But I didn't. I kept thinking of the marathon Nicole and her family is running to fight this horrible disease. The fight she makes everyday to keep going. It was nothing in comparison to what I was feeling in that moment. I finished that run for Nicole. 

(Day 1 - 5.25 miles)

(Day 2 - 4.79 miles)

(Day 3 - 5.59 miles)

(Day 4 - 5.57 miles)

(Day 6 - 6.0 miles)

Total miles = 26.2 

Everyday I continue to think of Nicole, her family and everyone else fighting something in their lives. We all struggle, we all have tough times in our lives. Cancer, illness, infertility, loss, heartbreak, tragedies. No one is immune to any of the horrible things in this world. It's important to truly love and live each day as if it were our last. 

If you have the ability to help out financially, please consider doing so (Nicole's Breast Friends Forever). If you are unable to do this, please consider donating your time to keep Nicole and her family in your thoughts and prayers. 

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  1. So sweet of you! I did a virtual race for a friend this weekend battling cancer :)