Monday, June 3, 2013

Clomid Cycle #1

This is my first round taking 50mg Clomid for cycle day (CD) 3 through 7. I was told I could take it any time during the day, but to just be consistent. After reading about others experiences taking this medication I've opted for night time as I'm hoping to sleep through the roughest side effects. Here is my little "diary" of how each day went!

Day 1:
Wednesday, May 29th
CD 3

Mood: EXCITED! Actually haven't taken it yet so I'm in the early, hopeful, optimistic phase of fertility treatments!
Any tears today: Yes, my friend Jennifer stopped by to chat and we both cried a little after talking about and hearing the story how my childhood dog died happy eating sugar cookies
Tired or energetic today: Kinda in between, slept pretty good but it's only 5:30pm and I'm sleepy.
Love or hate husband: Love! He's been out of town since Monday so I'm missing him. . .and he's missed my period's arrival, which I'm sure he's ok with, haha
Headaches: Nope
Nausea: Nope
Hot flashes: Actually had some bad night sweats last night, which is funny because I've been off meds for 4 days.
Other symptoms: Nothing really (again haven't even taken it yet). . .but will say again how fat I feel since starting any of these meds, that unfortunately hasn't changed. . .


Day 2:
Thursday , May 30th
CD 4

Mood: Started off great, then Phil came home, lol. Guess I was doing better by myself. . .Still excited and optimistic overall.
Any tears today: No
Tired or energetic today: Same as yesterday, somewhat in between
Love or hate husband: ....debatable
Headaches: Yes
Nausea: No
Hot flashes: None during the day, plenty at night!
Other symptoms: Irritable around Phil


Day 3:
Friday, May 31st
CD 5

Mood: Pretty stable...happy to now be over the half way mark! Truly hasn't been as bad as I thought!Any tears today: Nope...but was on the verge at one point.
Tired or energetic today: More energetic than the last two days
Love or hate husband: Love, mostly ;)
Headaches: No
Nausea: No
Hot flashes: Consistently only at night...I'm cold all day long till night fall
Other symptoms: "I WANT CHOCOLATE!" That's the clomid talking, right?!


Day 4:
Saturday, June 1st
CD 6

Mood: Exhausted, whiney, irritable
Any tears today: Sitting in my car before work saw a picture of a police dog with a very moving story and broke down. I had to pull it together before walking into work, lol. Grab a tissue, here's the story!
Tired or energetic today: Tired
Love or hate husband: Love
Headaches: No
Nausea: No
Hot flashes: Yes
Other symptoms: Nope, none that I'm aware of at least, haha, might want to ask the people around me...


Day 5:
Sunday June 2nd
CD 7

Mood: Happy
Any tears today: Nope
Tired or energetic today: More energetic than I have been lately!
Love or hate husband: Love
Headaches: Nope
Nausea: Nope
Hot flashes: Night sweats
Other symptoms: Nope

A sweet reminder from my nephew Samson tonight 
of why we're doing all this in the first place!

Day five, DONE! Not sure if it's because I'm only taking 50mg (the lowest dose) or what but I did not have any of the horrible side effects I've heard about while taking Clomid. However, some do say they come a few days to week(s) after you STOP taking them. 

Now we (you guessed it), Wait. Wait to see if Clomid worked. Wait to see if I even ovulate, let alone get pregnant. Wait to see if I get the unwanted period, meaning I'm not pregnant. Ugh. Such a roller coaster of emotions to say the least.  We certainly aren't expecting to be "that couple" that gets pregnant on the first try. I am however, hoping that at the least I ovulate! (Testing using Ovulation predictor kits, or OPK). I'll also be having blood drawn on certain days in my cycle to check estrogen and progesterone levels. Typically a doctor will allow a woman to take Clomid no more than 3-6 month before looking into other means if it's not working. . .

Praying for strength, sanity, faith and courage to get Phil and I though these next few weeks (month, years. . .)

. . .a little something that made me laugh! After all, humor is the best medicine!


  1. Exciting times! Praying for both of you :)

  2. You're a strong, beautiful and amazing woman. You will be blessed and you will bring a beautiful baby into this world!!!!