Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cramps and bloating and fatigue, OH MY!


After stopping the estradiol and progesterone on Saturday, May 25th I am happy to announce that on Monday, the 27th. . . 

And this time, it was a REAL period! Cramps, oh how I've missed cramps! The cramps were accompanied by major bloating, fatigue, exhaustion and an actual flow. I felt like a teenage girl getting her period for the first time! FINALLY, my body is doing what it's supposed to! FINALLY! All day at work I was getting hugs and congratulations for my menses! 

After talking to Dr. Chudgar, we decided to go for it and start the first month of clomid. . . EKKKKK!

Phil and I would greatly appreciate all the prayers, positive thoughts, good vibes, and support as we start this next chapter in our infertility struggles! The support we feel already has helped so much and we are so very thankful!

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  1. Hugs and prayers! Things are going to be fine! Grandma Bulba just knows it!