Monday, December 31, 2012

Adiós Twenty-Twelve

It's been quite a while since I've posted anything as the last three months have been a whirlwind! 
I'd love to be the type of blogger who has fun, witty things to write about and update this thing biweekly. Maybe one day...but today I'll just do a quick run down of what we've been up to:

- Moved to Windermere, Florida!

We survived the move back Florida. I'm still unsure how we accumulated so much stuff between the two of us, but nonetheless we managed to unpack and settle into the new house. I'm so in LOVE with our new house. It's beyond a m a z i n g and more than we need. (Here's hoping to being blessed to fill this home with a few babies throughout the years!) It's the kind of home that I have to pinch myself every morning I wake up and will never feel deserving enough to live here!


Even though Hurricane Sandy was skirting along the coast of Florida on our wedding day and there was 90% chance of rain all day, we managed to have a lovely, rain FREE day! Sure it was a little windy, but we got married outside, took some amazing outdoor photos, saw a rainbow and made it inside for the reception right before the rain started! We certainly were blessed on the first day of our new life together! As for the actual reception, that too was just as spectacular! I for one usually don't have too much fun at weddings. They always seem so predictable, cheesy and unnatural. Now I might be a little biased but our wedding was the best wedding ever! We had a blast! The candy bar, photo booth, food, DJ, and of course the open bar, were all perfect! It was certainly a day we will never forget and we are so thankful for our friends and family who were there (either in person or in spirit) to share our special day with us!

 - Started a new job at Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Children
I'm still missing all my coworkers friends in Denver and at PSL! I started my new job and I'm really enjoying it! It's crazy and chaotic and I absolutely HATE being the new guy, not knowing any names, doctors prefrences, or where anything is. Other than that, everyone is really nice and I think I'm going to do well here!

- Had a Very MERRY CHRISTMAS with family and friends!

It was so nice and refreshing to be in Florida for the holidays! No worrying about having to travel, not FaceTiming my nephews and other family members as they open gifts! We were here, in person! We even decided to host Christmas at our house! Little things here and there need to be done are still a work in progress in the house, but we had such a great time having everyone over! It was also a nice change to enjoy Christmas by and in the pool! (White Christmas' are overrated in my Floridan opinion). 

-Getting ready for a NEW YEAR!

As twenty twelve comes to an end, I always enjoy reflecting on the year that has passed and think about all the goals and dreams I have for the coming year! I think the whole New Years Resolution thing is so cliché and just sets you up to fail. That being said, I still try to set new goals for my self each new year. 

I am proud to say that back in 2006 I decided I wanted to lose weight and stick to it. Throughout that year I lost over 50 pounds. I'm even more proud to say that every year since then I have managed to maintain a weight loss of over 60 pounds! It's not easy, I struggle everyday. I have ups and downs, good days and bad days (and really bad days). But I think no matter what your goal is, YOU have to decide when you want to do it, how you want to achieve it! 

Last year, I made a simple goal. Well, more like a project I wanted to do:

Take at least one picture EVERYDAY! Sounds simple enough! WRONG! I love taking pictures, but there were so many days I'd be laying in bed after working 12+ hours and right before I drifted asleep I'd be jolted awake by the realization I'd forgotten to take a picture! So I'd get out of bed, run down stairs, grab my camera and take a picture of something random; door knobs, our dogs, my nails, the clouds, bugs, trees, flowers, etc. I am so happy that today, New years eve, I can officially say I have 366 pictures for each day this year! I encourage you to try this. I hope to one day do this during a pregnancy or with kids. Most people take weekly pregnancy pictures or monthly pictures of their kids, but HOW COOL would it be to have a picture of you growing bump or child's face everyday for a year and see the changes!?

I did a few other Pintrest inspired things (write one thing down you did that day everyday and continue this each year, and while doing so you will reflect on what you did that day a year ago, two years ago, etc.) I also tried saving any $5 I got. I don't use cash very ofter BUT I did manage to save $85!

2012 was such a special year for Phil and I. We are looking forward to all the new year will bring!
I hope you all have a fabulous night tonight and may 2013 be your best year yet!