Saturday, September 22, 2012

There's no place like home. . .

As I sit here in Denver...our last night in LaQuinta Inns & Suites near Denver International Airport I am deeply sad and yet at the same time, eager with excitement and anticipation. 

With a HUGE help from Dave, Jill (Phil's parents), James (Phil's brother) and three of his college roommates, we completed the near impossible task of packing three years of our life into three cars, one 26 foot long u-Haul and a few suitcases. 

Phil and I have been boxing and packing our house since Sunday, and found ourselves still packing up until the last minutes in the house. 

Between the two of us (plus Juno and Zeus) we have accumulated more "things" than most families of 8+! Our "things" include bedroom furniture, couches, dinning room table/chairs, washer/dryer, refrigerator, pool table, vacuums, dog crates and countless boxes/suitcases/etc. We ended up filling my LR4 and Phil's Mercedes as much as possible before shipping them. THEN we managed to fill top to bottom, left to right FULL a 26 foot moving truck! I'm not kidding...not one more box would have fit. The saddest part is my beloved treadmill was one of the things left behind! Very, very sad. Throughout the day of packing up the truck, Juno and Zeus' anxiety was palpable. The uncertainty and fear they had of if they would "fit" or not could be seen with their every move! In the end, we decided they could come, too! ;)

The u-Haul!!
The inside!!

My car, Lily, being put on the truck!

Phil's car, Benji, being put on the truck!

My treadmill, sadly left behind in the basement...check craigslist for a listing soon!! ;)

The dogs sitting in the empty house still unsure of their fate!

Since the beds/mattress we're packed, we decided staying in a hotel would be best for all for our last night in Denver...Hence, LaQuinta Inns & Suites. 
(Tonight was also a big game for FSU! We ended up missing pretty much the entire first half (but so did the Noles, so we didn't miss much), but we were all settled in in our hotel room for the second half, and man oh man WHAT A SECOND HALF! Makes me proud to be a NOLE!)

Settling down in the hotel...fate still slightly uncertain!

"We're much more comfortable up here!"

So, bright and early tomorrow morning, I will be catching a flight to Orlando (S-P-O-I-L-E-D, trust me, I know). Phil will be driving the dogs and a half packed Denali along side his Dad, who will be driving the moving truck, and making the three day road trip to Florida. I couldn't be more grateful for them taking the time to move us across the country, all 1,830 miles! They should arrive in Windermere on Wednesday (along with our cars the same day, too...hopefully) where we will all engage in the lovely task of UNPACKING the three cars and 26 foot u-haul! Wish us luck!

3+ years, countless memories, laughs, tears, and great memories took place here on 8th place. I will always hold a special place for this home, and Denver in my heart! Looking forward to visiting all our friends here in Colorado in the future!

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  1. This is it! You are coming home! I know that it is a bittersweet day for you as you say goodbye to your home, your friends, and your life in Denver. You will bring a lot of happy memories along with those stuffed vehicles as you head head home to Florida. Such an exciting time for you … a new house to create new memories, your wedding in a few short weeks, new career opportunities, new friends, good times with family … there is much to celebrate and I am a lucky lady because my babies will all be close to me!

    "Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to." ~John Ed Pearce