Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Répondez s'il vous WHAT?

So it's no secret Phil and I are getting married soon (October 26th to be exact!). As far as wedding planning goes, we've pretty much squared away all the major stuff...DRESS, photographer, florist, hair/makeup, etc. Included in that is our invitations, which we sent out in July. We took the websites advice with wording our RSVP cards. Well, we shouldn't have....

We're so sorry for all the confusion and mixups, and probably should have sent instructions with these as even our parents were confused on how to send it back! I hope the following helps with the confusion....

Above is picture of our RSVP card included in the invitation.  In case you can't see what it says:

We have reserved you ____ seat(s)
Number of guest(s) attending ______
I/We regretfully decline ______

Here's how it's supposed to be interpreted:

We wrote a number for the number of guest (Including you) invited. 

The next line, Number of guest attending, was intended for you to write a number of how many people would be attending, again including you (This is where the majority of people got confused).

The final option was intended to be checked if you could not attend, and therefore no one was attending.

This is mine and Phil's first wedding we've planned, and we've learned first hand how difficult it can be. We did not give a "plus one" to everyone invited if we didn't think they were dating anyone special. Therefore, if you got a card with only "1" reserved seat, the invitation was intended just for you. HOWEVER, many people who have already RSVP'd have gotten confused with this. So if you have PLEASE call/text/email Phil or I to clarify. Also, if we did not give you a "plus one" and are dating someone, PLEASE don't hesitate to ask. After all, this wedding is a party and we really want everyone to enjoy themselves! 

Regardless, we truly hope no one was offended by all of this because that was certainly not our intent! (I've only put this post together because after sending it out we realized how easily it is to be confused, and we just want to make sure we have an accurate head count! Thanks for understanding!)

Oh, and if you did get an invitation and have not yet sent your RSVP card...


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