Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A day of Productivity

For the first time today in a long time I was cost contained from work not by choice. See, if our patient census is low the unit can call us off and put us on call for the day. If it picks up and they needs us, then we get called in and get paid time +1/2, but if not then we get the day off. You can sign up ahead of time if there is day, and if luck has it that the census is low that day, you'll get it. 
Well I got the call this morning at 5am and was told that they had to cost contain not one, not two, but THREE people, and by dates of last (not requested) cost containment, I was the third person therefore I'd be the first person called in. 

I knew there was NO WAY I'd make it 12 hours without being called in, especially if they called off three nurses, so I got up at 5:30am, went to the gym, walked the dogs, cleaned the house, did little things here and there and actually got a lot of wedding stuff done. Before I knew it it was after 5pm and couldn't believe I survived the day without getting called in. Even though I actually WANTED to work today, I was very productive and got a lot done.

One thing I also managed to do was make my very own, homemade makeup brush cleaner. I'm obsessed with MAC brushes, but their cleanser is kinda pricy ($13.00 for 235ml or ~10 ounces). So I usually clean my brushes about once a week, but I simply use shampoo (they're made of hair after all)! I decided to a little research and found a recipe for DIY brush cleanser!

1 cup of distilled water (I used bottled spring water)
1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol (I suppose vodka would work!)
1 Tablespoon of shampoo (I knew I was onto something!)

Mix it all together.

If you wanna get really crafty add a little food coloring (apparently the dye with not stain your brushes). I made mine look similar to the MAC brush cleanser. 
After all was said and done I was very happily surprised how similar the look, smell and consistency was between the two. 

So for probably less than $2.00 I made my very own bottle of cleanser! 

Not so bad for a day I shoulda been at work!