Saturday, May 5, 2012

CAKE Batter Banana Bites!

I must admit, besides Wetezel's Pretzels, my most favorite treat is birthday cake. Actually, anything with with cake in it or cake flavored will do! And there certainly is no shortage of cake batter recipes on the internet and Pinterest! Everything from cake batter cookies, bars, pancakes, dips, brownies, etc. It never ends (and trust me, I'm definitely NOT complaining)!

Well, one thing I do quite often is dehydrate fruit...mostly just apples and bananas. I usually just sprinkle some cinnamon sugar on top, pop em in the dehydrator over night and 10-12 hours later, voila, a yummy snack awaits!

I decided to mix things up and experiment with, yup you guessed it, CAKE BATTER sprinkled on top! After just cake batter I expanded to cake batter and rainbow sprinkles. It was easier to cut the bananas and drop a handful in a baggie of cake mix and shake it to coat it most evenly. I also used a special banana slicer which is amazing! BUT I will say that the thicker slices are still a little moist and chewy (which I personally prefer) when they're done, so you really don't need a fancy slicer. And for cook time, I usually stick to 10 hours at 135 degrees, but if you like them a little more crisp, I'd go for 11-12 hours.

Anyway you do it, it's fool proof because they will be amazing!! But just beware, these little guys are totally addicting

 The madness of preparation!

Fancy slicer (from Bed, bath and beyond!)

The toppings!


My dehydrator (also from Bed, bath and beyond!)

 The FINISHED product!

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  1. Yummy! Just added your blog to my list. :-) Fun!