Wednesday, March 21, 2012


.::DISCLOSURE: I am not a cook. I do not pretended to be one. Also, this blog is to remain strictly judgement free. If you do not agree to these statements, please do not proceed::. 

So as I stated earlier, I'm not a big cook. If anything I'm a baker, I get that from my Mom. When it comes to a meal, I like to refer to myself as a "preparer". I put things together; boil, microwave, bake, crockpot...but that's about it. 

One food that I came across a few months ago has now become a daily staple in my diet...


Wikipedia's definition of these noodles are as follows:
Shirataki (白滝?, often written with the hiragana しらたき) are very low carbohydrate, low calorie, thin, translucent, gelatinous traditional Japanese noodles made from devil's tongue yam (elephant yam or the konjac yam).[1] The word "shirataki" means "white waterfall", describing the appearance of these noodles. Largely composed of water and glucomannan, a water-soluble dietary fiber, they have little flavor of their own.

Most people that I've introduced these noodles to (Phil, my Mom, Sondra) all agree that the unique, ok down right weird texture is too much to get used to. However, I personally don't mind the texture at all, in fact, I kinda like it! It may have something to do with that the whole bag contains only 

The calorie content is definitely a major plus! Once over the texture, the only other real complaint with these noodles is the initial smell once you open them. It's kinda very fishy. BUT all you need to do is rinse them off with water and they become tasteless and smell-less. After rinsing I also suggest drying them out with paper towels or a a plain towel so when you cook with them they're not all watery.

 ...then dry.

 Once you've done all that, the great thing about these noodles are ready to go (no boiling need, might want to heat them up in the microwave though) and they are pretty much tasteless, so you can add them to ANYTHING! Sir fry, spaghetti sauce, Chinese food, mac & cheese...anything! 
Some of my favorite mix ins are Laughing Cow cheese wedges, assorted flavored cheese seasonings and just plain ole' soy sauce, depending on what you're having with it!

Tonight's dinner was accompanied by a Lean Cuisine...I just mixed the noodles with the pasta sauce in the Four Cheese Cannelloni, added a side of broccoli with some white cheddar seasoning and voila...dinner is served! 

This meal is very filling and will run ya only about 380-400 calories (depending on the amount of seasoning you use)!

If you're a pasta lover and looking for something to substitute every once in a while, or just open to new foods, I would definitely consider trying Shirataki noodles! Here in Denver I find them at Whole Foods and Sunflower market. When I was in Kissimmee, Florida I found them in Pubix in the produce section by the tofu.


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  1. Your pictures make it look really good...might have to give it another try :-)