Sunday, March 25, 2012

Say YES to the dress!

I did it! Today I actually SAID YES TO THE DRESS!

This was the third time trying on wedding dresses. The first time was in Florida. Then I found a bridal shop here in Denver (Longmont, CO acutally). My friend, Sondra and I went last week where I tried on a bunch of different dresses. I ended up narrowing it down to two dresses, and I could not make up my mind. This had made me more stressed than EVER when it came to dress shopping. 

I spent all week going back in forth in my mind which dress I liked. Sondra had taken pictures of me in both dresses. Each time I looked back at the pictures, I became more and more torn. 

In retrospect, I also made the mistake of asking my Mom and the girls at work what they thought. This only confused things even worse. 

Now, up until today I had actually never seen the TLC show "Say yes to the dress".  I knew I was going back to the bridal shop today, and I was determined I was going to buy my dress today, so I figured I might as well do my homework. Let me just say, I have been missing out by not watching this show! Very entertaining, especially as bride-to-be myself. 

I learned a lot, but most importantly I learned that less opinions is more. I won't be able to please everyone, so the biggest factor needed to be for ME to love it (sitting in it was a big factor as well, lol)! Unfortunately, when I first tried on these dresses I didn't get that "This is the one" feeling. I was nervous going back today that I still wouldn't know which one was "the one." Armed with my lucky wedding shoes and Sondra by my side, we made the 43 mile trek back to Longmont. 

As soon as I tried both dresses on again, to my surprise I did in fact get that feeling of "This is the one!" I no longer cared about what other people said (everyone said they loved both anyway), or what I thought other people would say (good or bad).


Once I tried on "the one" I couldn't stop smiling...until I paid for it! haha : )

 (Me outside the Bridal Connection in Longmont, CO holding my receipt after I said YES to the dress!)

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  1. I am so happy you got the dress! I know you are going to be the most beautiful bride ever!!!